Africa Do Business Newsletter, Issue #002-Nov 2010

Internet and Computer Business Opportunities

This month, Africa Do Business presents to you Internet and Computer business opportunities now opened in African countries...

Access to new information and communication technologies has opened new business opportunities all over the world and as well in many African countries.

It is time for you to seize these opportunities...

With an amount less than USD10,000 or a bit more you can ( or help someone else)start an internet or computer business such as opening an internet café, reselling computers, starting a computer training programme or providing computer repair services, etc. (Find out more about internet and computer businesses)

- Business of the Month: Village Internet Café -

Be the first to open an internet café in your home village or town.

With 10 computers and accessories, you invest around USD10,000 and you make an average of USD1,000 net profit monthly.

You will not only make profits but you will advance your people in a new era of information technology! (Find out more about starting an Internet café Business)

More Business Opportunities for you...

Seize business opportunities offered by the following African countries:

...Burundi...Ethiopia...Ghana... Kenya...Liberia...Malawi...Nigeria... Rwanda...DR Congo...Tanzania...Uganda...Zambia...

Invest and make profits in the following sectors:

...Agriculture...Food Processing...Construction and Real Estate... Small Industry...Tourism and Hospitality...Internet and Computer Services...Trade ... Transport...Energy...Services...

Why not invest now? With any amount of money you can have now, you can start your own business or help someone to do so!

Make your choice now and make profits by investing only:

Before you leave, Dear Reader and Visitor, I invite you to take few minutes and browse through and discover various business opportunities offered by African countries.

Please contact us for any advice. Our objective is to assist you to start and succeed your business in Africa.

N.B.: Africa Do Business does not provide any financial assistance.

Thank you.

Juvenal Turatsinze
Owner and Manager of

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