Africa Do Business Newsletter, Issue #005-Jan 2011

Write your Business Plan

You have a great business idea but to get your business off the ground you need money you do not have now.

From now on, you should know that a good business idea finds its own money. What you need is a well prepared Business Plan.

A business plan is like a road map that will help you gain financial support to realise your business project. A bank, an investor, or a friend have to be convinced first with a good business plan to lend you their money.

A business plan will help you also to handle the opportunities and obstacles you inevitably encounter as you move forward with your dream.

You need a good business plan for your business to succeed!

In the past, preparing a business plan used to be only the work of experts in the field and a time consuming exercise. But now, you can write your business plan faster and easier by using a Business Plan Software.

Now get the best Business Plan Software, write your business plan on your computer that will enable you to mobilise investment capital you need to make your business succeed.

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If you need business ideas, please browse through and find the best business opportunities in Africa for any amount of investment you can have and in a economic sector of your interest.

The choice is yours to start a new life of prosperity and abundance by starting a profitable business in Africa.

Best Business Opportunities for you...

Seize business opportunities offered by the following African countries:

...Burundi...Ethiopia...Ghana... Kenya...Liberia...Malawi...Nigeria... Rwanda...DR Congo...Tanzania...Uganda...Zambia...

Invest and make profits in the following sectors:

...Agriculture...Food Processing...Construction and Real Estate... Small Industry...Tourism and Hospitality...Internet and Computer Services...Trade ... Transport...Energy...Services...

Why not invest now? With any amount of money you can have now, you can start your own business or help someone to do so!

Make your choice now and make profits by investing only:

Before you leave, Dear Reader and Visitor, I invite you to take few minutes and browse through and discover various business opportunities offered by African countries.

Please contact us for any advice. Our objective is to assist you to start and succeed your business in Africa.

N.B.: Africa Do Business does not provide any financial assistance.

All the best,

Juvenal Turatsinze
Owner and Manager of

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