Africa Do Business Newsletter, Issue #008-Oct 2011

Don't be a job seeker, become jobs creator

It is a big progress that now most Africans have made education a priority. But education without jobs becomes useless. A job has to be created before it is sought! Up to now in Africa, governments and public institutions have been the main employers but unfortunately most of African governments have no more capacity to provide jobs for all graduates coming into the job market every year.

An unemployed person but educated is not only a threat to himself but to the whole society. You cannot be safe and sane when you have talent, knowledge and skills you cannot use to change positively you own situation and for those you love. Education without jobs is a recipe for chaos and disaster for any society. Education and job creation are both ingredients for personal development, social transformation and economic growth.

In African countries, it is high time to make jobs creation a priority. Jobs are created to solve problems and Africa has sufficient problems to solve! A problem or a shortage of something is a business opportunity. An entrepreneur is someone who takes that problem and turns it into a business opportunity. So let us turn millions of African problems into millions of business opportunities... Now, look for a problem and turn it into an opportunity.

Today, you should decide to become a job creator and not job seeker. The beauty of it is that the first job you will create is yours: Becoming your own BOSS who of course will get the best pay!

With a small amount of investment less than the equivalent of 10,000 US$ you can make it.

Find out more on how you can build your own business, become your own boss, create jobs for others and provide solutions to African problems.

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The choice is yours to start a new life of prosperity and abundance by starting a profitable business in Africa.

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