Africa Do Business Newsletter, Issue #011-April 2012

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Progress or development is a result of reflection and action. If you want to advance effectively, it is very important to ask yourself questions and try to find your own solutions. To do busines is to find solutions to problems in a way that creates wealth or add value. So if you really want to do business, ask yourself the following questions. What do I want to achieve in life? What do I want to do as business? Why do I want to do it? How can I do It? Etc. It is very important to try to find solutions yourself through your reflection and search for information. Do not try to make it easy for yourself by looking quick solutions from others...

My website,, has known a steady growing traffic since its inception and I am very glad that more people are finding it useful. The purpose of the website is to share some business ideas that could help you to reflect and find what you really want to do as a business and how you can do it.

I am now getting many questions from visitors but unfortunately I am not able to respond to all of them because I do not have enough time and I cannot find all solutions. That is why I have created a Facebook Group where you, me and other people can get involved and support each other to build our own businesses by sharing ideas and information.

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Together we rise, divided we fall!

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Before you leave, Dear Reader and Visitor, I invite you to take few minutes and browse through and discover various business opportunities offered by African countries.

Please contact us for any advice. Our objective is to assist you to start and succeed your business in Africa.

N.B.: Africa Do Business does not provide any financial assistance.

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