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Africa Do Business Newsletter, Issue #013 -- Made in Africa
November 28, 2012

Africa Do Business Newsletter, Issue #013-November 2012

Made in Africa

In major African cities like Kampala, Nairobi, Kigali, Accra, Lagos, etc, there is now a phenomenon of supermarkets and shopping malls which are selling thousands of products that are bought by nationals. This is a positive sign of a growing middle class in Africa. More people are generating more income from their businesses and professions and now can afford to buy lot of commodities that give them a better living such as furniture, electronics, foods, clothes, etc.

This increased expenditure of African citizens should benefits first the economies of African countries, but unfortunately this is not the case because most of the goods bought are imported; they come mainly from in China, India, Europe, etc. In these supermarkets more than 80% of products are imported and not made in the country.

The questions I have are: Why should we continue buying tomato paste from Italy, rice from Pakistan, chickens from Brazil, milk from Netherlands, fruit juices from India or made by Coca Cola, etc.? When will we start buying products Made in Uganda, Made in Kenya, Made in Ghana, Made in Liberia, etc.? Why a Liberian in Monrovia should buy eggs imported from India?

The result of this situation is that we are making our African countries poorer while building economies of China, India and Europe.

What is our problem?

I believe this situation is created by wrong policies that do not favour local production and manufacturing for domestic consumption. Why should African countries invest in coffee or tea production instead of sugar and rice production needed by citizens? When you look the balance of payment of many African countries, imported foods have more value than all exports!

The solution is simple: “Eat what we grow and grow what we eat”!

We can do it by changing our minds to promote “Made in Africa”.

Here are the actions:

- The African governments should encourage investment in local production and manufacturing for import substitution.

-The African entrepreneur should invest in local production and manufacturing instead importing products that can be made locally.

-The African consumer should be willing to buy local made products instead of those which are imported.

Chinese, Americans and Europeans do it, why not us?

When you do your shopping, it is up to you as African to make a choice between poverty and progress for your country!!

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Before you leave, Dear Reader and Visitor, I invite you to take few minutes and browse through and discover various business opportunities offered by African countries.

Please contact us for any advice. Our objective is to assist you to start and succeed your business in Africa.

N.B.: Africa Do Business does not provide any financial assistance.

All the best,

Juvenal Turatsinze
Owner and Manager of

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