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You are a Liberian living in Liberia or abroad in Africa, America, Europe or Asia. It is time to invest and start a business in Liberia now...

Liberia is rising again! Monrovia city is regaining its past glory. Start a business in Monrovia City.

Select the best business ideas in many sectors and with any amount of money you can have. You will make profits....

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Best Business Ideas in Liberia

Agriculture and Food Processing

Liberia presents huge opportunities in the agriculture and food industry sector, mainly in the production of rice, cassava, oil palm, vegetables and fruits, etc. (Find out more and Start your business in Agriculture and Food Processing)

Construction and Real Estate

There is a high demand and many opportunities in Construction and Real Estate sector due to a fast growing urban population in Monrovia and other cities. (Find out more and Start your business in Construction and Real Estate)

Small Scale Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is inexistant and almost every manufactured products is imported; anything from basic commodities like soap, furniture, construction materials, etc.

Small industry is the best option to enter this sector. You can build your own small industry from 5,000 US$! Why do you wait? (Find out more and Start your business in Small Scale Manufacturing Industry)

Solar and Wind Electric Energy Production

The electricity production systems were completely damaged during the war. The damage extended to diesel power plants, the hydro power station, and transmission & distribution networks. Now the government has liberalised the sector.

There are opportunities for independent power producers to produce electricity and connect it with the national grid.

Invest now in solar, wind or micro hydro power generation. You are going to produce and sell power!! (Find out more and Start your business in Energy Production)

Internet and Computer Services

The tremandous increase of mobile telephone subscription and internet access in Liberia has opened wide the market in the ICT sector.

There are huge opportunties in internet café, call centers, computer consulting, repair and Hardaware Maintenance, etc. (Find out more and Start your business in ICT Sector)

Transport and Car Businesses

The car is the main mean of transport and the number of cars is increasing considerably and creating business opportunities like: car rentals, taxi, freight trucking, car wash, auto parts store, auto repair service, driving school, etc.

Start your transport business with used cars in excellent conditions at good prices imported from USA.

Mr Doco Wesseh, a Liberian car dealer based in Chicago, USA, will import for you any type of car you need for your transport business.

Click here to reach Mr Doco Wessey.

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