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Poultry in Africa

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Here we have taken a situation of Uganda which is not quite different from the situation in other African countries. Please try to adopt the needs in Animal production to the situation of your country.

Poultry Reproduction: Hatchery

Poultry in Africa

Many African countries, like Uganda, have a limited hatchery capacity. As a result, day-old chicks are in short supply. Hence, the current output can only meet half the domestic demand. Therefore, a great possibility for expansion and investment in the poultry sector exists. As an example, in Uganda the demand amounts to a total of about 8 million chicks of which approximately 5 million chicks are produced locally and the remaining 3 million chicks are imported. Due to prohibitive import prices of day-old chicks, fewer chicks are being imported and there is a vacuum in the supply chain. There is an excess demand not met. Hatchery is a potential investment opportunity in Uganda.

Hatchery in Africa

You can invest in the establishment of a hatchery for the production of day-old chicks to the local market. A complete poultry reproduction unit will include a hatchery system, a broiler parent stock facility, a layer parent stock facility and a rearing farm. The physical structures on the poultry farm include well ventilated chicken house structures, fitted with automatic drinking lines (systems) and feeding systems, a feed mill and generators to ensure that power is always available to the hatchery.

Start your own hatchery by buying and installing an incubator now!

Poultry incubator for Africa

An incubator with a capacity of producing 500 chicks a week:

Price from 1,500 USD

An incubator with a capacity of producing 1,000 chicks a week:

Price from 2,000 USD

An incubator with a capacity of producing 5,000 chicks a week:

Price from 4,000 USD

An incubator with a capacity of producing 20,000 chicks a week:

Price from 8,000 USD

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Animal feeds processing and distribution

Installed commercial animal feed manufacturing production capacity does not meet the local demand. Actual utilization capacity of other small millers and hand mixers remains low largely because most operators lack adequate capital to purchase and store feed ingredients in bulk when prices are low. Demand for commercial poultry feed is increasing.

Investment in this area will further stimulate the poultry and piggery industries, guaranteeing a stable market.

Integrated beef production and feedlot finishing

In Uganda, the traditional pastoral and communal grazing areas where the bulk of slaughter cattle are raised are also areas that are hard hit by severe droughts. Similarly, the main smallholder dairy farms are located further away from the main urban markets of Kampala and Jinja, with the attendant consequences of low prices for their milk. The purchase of immature stock from these traditional areas for rearing and finishing on ranches in better endowed regions is an investment opportunity.

Imagine this scenario - Buy a young calf out of the Mbarara/Karamoja pastoral area and graze it on good pasture around the Lake Victoria/Lake Kioga basins. It will gain 400g per day to reach 270kg in 300 days. Fatten the yearling in a feedlot to gain 1kg per day for 130-150 days. You have a juicy slaughter animal of 400kg live weight, yielding 220kg of carcass in 2 years and at a great profit even at the current low meat prices!

Small Ruminant Production

The indigenous goats and sheep of Uganda have good growth and reproductive performance. Crossing with introduced breeds can further enhance productivity. The Boer goat is already a hot cake in Uganda!

Investment opportunities exist in areas of multiplying breeder stock and export of live animals.

Modern Abattoirs

There is no single modern abattoir in Uganda. A growing number of Ugandan consumers are willing to pay a premium for quality meat products. Many supermarkets and eating-houses have specialized cuts on offer on their shelves and menus. Some of these are imported. Internal trade relies on moving live animals over long distances to Kampala, a practice that involves high costs and risks. Many local investors are looking for joint venture capital to develop this area.

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