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Go for it now, the deadline of submission is 31 December.

It has worked for you or for someone you know and it can work for someone else....

Please share the idea and you could help other people in Africa to get free from poverty...

Simple criteria:

  • Amount invested is under the equivalent of USD 10,000
  • High return on investment
  • Number of people employed
  • Easy replicability

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Steps for selecting the Winner

  1. Three best business ideas will be selected by and posted on the website by 31 January next year.

  2. Among those best three business ideas, visitors will vote, during next February, for the best of the best small business ideas.

  3. The Winner will be announced on 1st March of next year. It could be you!

  4. The Winner will receive the the Prize of "Best Small Business Idea" and get a reward of USD 1,000.

It is all Win-Win Business on!

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