How to find money for your business...

A good reason to start your business is that it is possible; however one bad reason of not starting your business is to think that you have not enough money to start up!

Every day I get emails of people asking me, “I have this good business idea but I have no money to start, could you please let me know where I can get this money?” My answer is, “If your business idea is good, it is going to get its money to start and grow.”

The bottom line is that your business idea has to be really good and strong; and you need to have in place effective strategies to implement it.

find money  for business

What you need first to do is to use your head, be focused, really think strategically and find answers for these fundamental questions: What products or services am I going to sell? Who are my customers? Do they really need my products or services? How much can I sell? How much profit can I make? Who are my competitors? Who could be interested in my business and get technically or financially involved? How much do I need to start up?

With answers to these questions you will develop a business plan that will allow you to access to the money you need to start with. You should not be surprised to find out that you can immediately raise the money your business needs to start.

In many business cases, little money is needed to start up a business. You can save or borrow from friends and relatives what you need to start before going to financial institutions. Many millionaires have started their businesses with less than the equivalent of 5,000 USD. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, started with only a very good idea with his classmates and later raised small money from his parents and friends and went on to become the youngest billionaire! He started Facebook by connecting a small group of students and now it connects almost a billion of people worldwide and has a valuation of many US billions!!!

Mark of Facebook

The golden rule for you success is: “Think big, think creatively and strategically; however start small, grow and expand”.

Why not just think enough and find out how to finance your business idea today!

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