Invest in Ghana and Start a Business in Ghana

Ghana, the African Black Star is Rising Again!

It is time for you to seize business opportunities offered by Ghana now.

Select the best business ideas, Invest and Start a Business in Ghana and make Profits...

You can make profits by building profitable businesses in Ghana with any amount from less than 1,000US$ to more than 100,000US$.

Ghana's economy is taking off! Ghana is not only becoming mature politically but as well economically...

Ghana is not only joing the club of oil producers but as well it is joining the group of middle-income countries.

So, be part of the Ghana success story. Invest now in Ghana in sectors with highest return on investment.

Click on a sector of your interest presented below and decide now on a business to start:

...Agriculture...Food Processing...Construction and Real Estate... Small Industry...Tourism and Hospitality...Internet and Computer Services...Trade ... Transport...Energy...Services...

Start a profitable business with the money you have:


Best Business Ideas in Ghana

Agriculture and Food Processing

Agriculture is the main driving force behind Ghana’s economy, accounting for approximately 42 percent of the country’s GDP and employing 54 per cent of its work force.

There is an urgent need for establishment of manufacturing industries to add value to local agricultural products in order to meet local demand and to reach out to export markets.

Select now your business project and build your own industry in the following areas:

Fresh and Processed Fruits

- Fresh and canned pineapples;

- Papayas, mangoes and other exotic fruits;

- Pineapple and exotic fruit juices.

Fresh and Processed Vegetables

- Tomatoes and tomato paste;

- Chillies and hot sauces.

Special Commodities

- Conventional, organic and specialty coffees;

- Conventional and organic cocoa and derivative products;

- Soyabeans processing into soya milk, soya oil, tofu, etc

Stable Crops Processing

- Maize into maize oil, maize flour and maize powder meals;

- Cassava into dried cassava, cassava starch, cassava flour, cassava tapioca and finished food products such as macaroni, pasta, noodles.

Technology and Services

- Heavy equipment leasing such as tractors, ploughs, harrows and combine harvesters;

- Production of inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides.

Construction and Real Estate

Ghana’s property market is dominated by residential and commercial development.

The residential market is the most active, registering an estimated 85,000 transactions per annum over the past decade.

Commercial property is the second largest segment in the market and includes office accommodations and retail space.

The industrial segment is significantly smaller in size than the commercial market, while recreational and civic/cultural property development is virtually non-existent.

It is time to invest in Property Development!

Put your money in the following projects where returns are guaranteed:

Construction of residential houses: low cost housing, high rise quality apartments, retirement villages;

Industrial houses: light industrial parks, warehousing facilities) and Commercial houses (regional and local shopping centers/malls, office accommodation, storage etc.

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