Start a Business in Internet and Computer Services in Africa


Internet cafe in African Village

Connect All Africans

With new information and communication technologies (ICT) accessed through computers and internet connection, Africa will no more stay behind. It is time to catch up!

Internet café Business

Internet Café Buisness in Africa Invest in internet café, start an internet café business, you will not only make profits but you will advance African people in new era of information technology. You can invest less than US$ 10,000 or a bit more. (Find out more)

Computer Lap Top sales in Africa

New Computer Sales

With new models constantly coming out, the market for computers continues to boom. Selling computer systems and equipment is one of the most competitive but lucrative sectors of the retailing industry.

With less US$10,000 you can start a business of selling new computers.

Computer Desk Top Sales in Africa

Used Computer Sales

With many new computers being bought to replace the old ones, you can start a business of collecting, upgrading and reselling used computers by investing less than US$1,000.

Computer Training in Africa

Computer Training

Use your computer skills to teach others how to use their software and hardware.

Computers and computer programs are among the most wonderful tools available--as long as you know how to use them.

You can start a business of computer training private individuals and businesspeople by investing less than US$2,000.

Computer upgrading in Africa

Computer Upgrading Service

As technology advances at record speed, providing the occasional update may be the right business for you.

Starting a business that specializes in upgrading existing computer systems with new internal and external equipment is a terrific business to initiate that has great potential to earn an outstanding income. You can start this business by investing less than US$10,000.

Computer Cleaning business in Africa

Computer Cleaning Service

Almost every employee in an office has a computer. And all of those computers need to be cleaned.

Most commercial office cleaning services won't clean computers while cleaning an office. In fact, most commercial cleaners won't even dust a desk that a computer is sitting on or near. Why? Simply because they don't want to accept the liability should anything happen to the computer equipment or information and programs stored within.

Herein lies the business opportunity you can start with less than US$1,000.

Computer Repair and maintenance in Africa

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Use your technology knowledge and help people with computer problems.

Everybody with a computer knows that moment of panic when the hard drive crashes--and for businesspeople, it can be very costly. But if you're a computer technician capable of diagnosing virtual problems and then repairing them, you can start you own business as a computer repair specialist.

You will need less than US$2,000.

In order to guide you in the implementation of your business project, please contact us with more information.

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