Start an Internet Café Business in African village, city or town

Invest in internet café in Africa, start an internet café business in Africa, you will not only make profits but you will advance Africa in new era of information technology...

Internet cafe in Africa

Internet café is one of the fastest and most profitable businesses in African countries. You just need a good business plan for your Internet café!

Write your own business plan. Here is a sample business plan. This business plan may be edited using Business Plan Pro Software.

Be the first to bring internet access in African village, city or town and make a new history for many people...

An Internet cafe is a place where one can use a computer to access internet for a fee, usually per hour or per minute.

It may serve as a regular café as well, with food and drinks being served.

It can as well offer additional services like cellphone/airtime, communications/postal services and sometimes selling of PC related products.

Internet access in Africa

Most people use them to access webmail and instant messengers to keep in touch with family and friends. Some of them are also used for multiplayer gaming, having several computers connected on a LAN. In this case, the computers are specially assembled for game play, supporting popular multiplayer games like Quake or Doom.

Now, VOIP technology is turning the Internet Café into another a cheaper option for national and international voice telephony, which can bring new users into the Café, and they can then be exposed to additional benefits.

Internet cafes is a growing business, as they can provide community access with a broader range or more advanced technology than the average home user (faster internet connection, the latest machines, more advanced printers etc).

To start an Internet Café business you need to be sure to have a good internet cafe software and a good internet service provider to offers your customers high speed internet access.

Hardware is not expensive if you choose the right one. The cost of setting up your internet cyber café depends on the number of services and computers you plan to offer to your customers.

It is a rewarding business in Africa and you will probably have plenty of loyal customers and friends.

To start an average internet café you would need the following equipment:

1 Computer for Admin Control

10 Computers Capable of Gaming

10 Web Cams (As many people use cafe's for chatting)

1 DSL Internet Connection

1 Gigabit Router

1 Gigabit Switch

Lots of CAT6 Ethernet Cable

Cubicles and chairs for each computer

Surge Protectors for each cubicle

1 Scanner

1 Printer/Photocopy

Also make sure each computer has a updated anti-virus, anti-spamware and a good firewall program installed. You would also install a program like VNC on each computer so you can remotely manage and monitor your computers

Internet café business in Africa The total investment is from USD 10,000 or USD 5,000, with new or used equipment respectively.

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Founder of Africa Do Business

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