Soya Bean Production in Uganda

A Pilot Project

AFRICA DO BUSINESS LTD has identified soya bean as a crop with huge potential not only to fight hunger and malnutrition but as well to generate income and create jobs for many in African countries.

Farmers first...

In partnership with with farmers organised under Nyakatonzi Growers Cooperative Union (NGCU) Ltd, AFRICA DO BUSINESS LTD has started a project for soya production and trading in Kasese District, Western Region in Uganda.

The farmers will be supported in the acquisition of high quality soya bean seeds and the marketing of their harvest.

This project will enable the farmers of Kasese to reach a production of 4,000 MT of soya beans in the second season of 2012.

Supply Soya Market in East Africa

AFRICA DO BUSINESS LTD in partnership with NGCU endeavours to supply not only the Ugandan market but all East Africa with high quality soya bean seeds and grains at the right price.

Soya Bean Customers

AFRICA DO BUSINESS LTD has set up strategies to satisfy soya bean needs of the following buyers:

- Soya Bean Grain whole salers

- Oilseed processors

- Animal feed manufactures

- Human food processors of Unimix, Infant Formula, soya milk, soya muchomo, etc..

For your needs in soya bean and/or grains, please contact by clicking here.

Juvenal Turatsinze

Founder of Africa Do Business

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