Start a Business in Kenya in Agriculture and Food Processing

Agricultural Services

Invest in Kenya and start a business in Agriculture...

Investment opportunities exist in seed production, manufacture of sprayers and pesticides, veterinary services, construction of dams and bore holes, installation of irrigation systems and services. Opportunities also exist in support services, such as cold storage facilities and refrigerated transport for horticultural and other perishable products.


The horticultural sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy and is the second largest foreign exchange earner after tea. Opportunities exist in production and export of products such as cut-flowers, French beans, pineapples, mushrooms, asparagus, mangoes, macadamia nuts, avocados, passion fruits, melons, and carrots.


Numerous investment opportunities exist in this sector. Edible and other oils produced locally include butter, ghee and margarine as well as sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame, coconut and corn oils, while a large quantity of palm oil is imported.

Opportunities exist in coffee roasting and grinding, with a further potential such as in the production of decaffeinated coffee for export.

Coffee Sub-Sector

The following are some of the investment opportunities available in the coffee sub-sectors in Kenya:

Coffee processing and packaging to final products

Processing of instant coffee

Growing of Robusta coffee, which can be used to support the blending of Arabica coffee

Manufacture of coal from coffee husks

Research and development

Provision of finance services to small holder farmers

Development of infrastructure in coffee producing areas

There also exists a good opportunity to market Kenyan coffee in the international markets and especially in the United States.

Poultry Products

Hatcheries for the production of chicken for both domestic and regional consumption are under-exploited.


Investment opportunities exist in the rearing of livestock for meat and dairy products. The dairy industry has been liberalised, providing new investment opportunities in milk processing for local and regional markets. Bee keeping and honey processing are untapped potential in Kenya.

Dairy Industry

The following are some investment opportunities available in the Kenyan dairy industry:

Establishment of dairy processing plants: Milk processing for local and regional markets. Production of high value milk products such as milk powder, fermented milk and butter for export is encouraged.

Artificial Insemination (A.I.) services: Artificial Insemination plays an important role in the development of the dairy sub-sector.

Dipping services: Dipping services are important in control of tick-borne diseases that hinder the development of high quality beef and dairy products.

Provision of low cost/affordable technologies and equipment for small scale processing;

Opportunities for improvement in technology infrastructure such as packing, storage, and transportation, etc.

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