Invest in Liberia and Start a Business in Agriculture and Food Processing

Invest in Liberia and start a business in Liberia in agriculture production and food processing, the returns on investment are high!

Liberia is blessed with ample fertile soils and ample rainfall; however it imports substantial quantities of its staple food, including rice which accounts for over 10% of its imports with over US$20 million.

The total value of food imported annually is over 30 US$ million. This food could be grown locally. It is time for Liberian people “to grow what they eat and eat what they grow”

This situation presents huge opportunities available in the agriculture sector.

Your investment is needed mainly in the production of rice, cassava, palm oil, vegetables and fruits.

For the export market, there are investment opportunities in production and processing of coffee, cocoa, maize and sugar cane.

The best way to increase the agriculture production is to introduce the technology that adds value to food produces by improving post harvest handling and processing.

Invest now in modern agricultural and food technologies and start making profits.

Rice Production: Small Scale Rice Mills

Liberia imports 90% of the rice consumed. To be importing hundreds of thousands of metric tons of rice each year is not only a waste of money but it traps Liberia into poverty…

Put an end to this unfortunate situation by investing in rice milling.

Rice milling is a profitable activity in rural areas.

Start a rice milling activity with small rice mills that have a capacity from 200-500kg/hour each. Alongside the mills are also small-scale multi-crop threshers to complement the rice mills. Their output range from 500-800 Kg/hr and they are powered by 8hp petrol engines.

Additional equipment are: sewing machine and bagging stand.

The cost for a rice mill varies from an amount of 3,000 US$.

By investting this amount, you start making profits and you will return completely your investment within 24 months!!

To purchase the Rice Mill machinery and install your Small Scale Rice Mill, please contact Mr. Rameses Bright, the Liberian supplier based in Monrovia, Liberia.

Cassava Production and Processing

Cassava is a crop of great potential, first as a staple food; and seconds a big potential export crop, because of its multi-purposes in glue, starch, medical care, animal feed and more…

Invest in cassava processing now! Start with a small scale plant and produce cassava flour, Gari, fufu,…

Many farmers are able to produce large quantities of cassava as raw materials.

By processing cassava into flour, gari and fufu, etc; cassava is preserved and sold with an added value. Simple technology and small machines are now available to process cassava and to provide cassava food products of high quality at good prices.

You can build your own small scale cassava processing plant!

The plant comprises the following machines: Motorized cassava grater with 8hp gasoline engine; Conventional cassava grater with 8hp Diesel engine;Stainless steel cassava slicer; Double screw press; Fermentation Rack; Bagging stand; Gari Sifter; Gari Roasting Tray; Manual chipper; Motorized chipper.

To purchase the Cassava Processing machinery and install your Small Scale Cassava Processing Unit, please contact Mr. Rameses Bright, the Liberian supplier based in Monrovia, Liberia.

Palm oil Production: Small Scale Mill

Oil palm mills in Liberia, and for the average Liberian....This is a great area of business opportunity. A small oil palm mill does not require a large upstart capital and a sophisticated technology.

A small mill comprises: Palm fruit stripper with 8.5hp gasoline engine, Palm fruit steamer, Oil palm expeller with 8hp Diesel engine/8.5 gasoline engine, Clarifier 250 liters, Palm kernel cracker machine with winnows with 8hp diesel engine, Manual Palm oil press.

To purchase the Palm Oil Processing machinery and install your Small Scale Palm Oil Processing Unit, please contact Mr. Rameses Bright, the Liberian supplier based in Monrovia, Liberia.

Fruits Processing: Juice and Jam Production

There is no single unit producing fruits products in Liberia. Despite tremendous potential to produce fruits such as mangoes and pineapples, the fruit juices, jams and marmalades are totally imported.

The prices of fresh fruits on the market are very low; subsequently fruits products produced locally can be very competitive.

There is an urgent need of processing fruits locally to make juices and jam.

In order to guide you in implementing your business project, please contact us with more information.


The urban population is growing rapidly and adequate food are needed to meet the food demand. In Monrovia , there are few places where you can buy good quality bread. The demand of bread is huge.... This a a great business opportunity. Just take it now! the supply.

In order to guide you in implementing your business project, please contact us with more information.

Modern Fishing

With Atlantic coastline of 570 km and a continental shelf averaging 34 km in width. Liberia offers some 20,000 sq km of fishing ground. The total product of the fishery sector was estimated to be about 7,000 tons in 2005, but the potential is estimated over 50,000 tons.

Currently, the fishing equipment and processing material are obsolete in many fisheries communities.

The fish market is one of the most lucrative activities once the fisherman has adequate equipment:

With modern fishing equipment, especially with motorized canoes and fishing gears, you can increase considerable the quantity of catches and generate substantial income from fishing.

In order to guide you in implementing your business project, please contact us with more information.

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