Cultivation and Processing of Maize

Invest in Nigeria, start a business in maize production and processing in Nigeria...

You have a huge opportunity to capitalise on the current high demand for staple foods by investing in the cultivation and processing of maize in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a net importer of agricultural commodities and any investment in the cultivation and processing of maize will surely realise good returns.

Maize is among the most important crops in Nigeria but poor seed supply, inefficient marketing, and low investment in research are among the factors that have limited production. Current production is about 8 million tonnes but research has shown that by using proper farming techniques yields per hectare can be about 4.2 tonnes from the current 1.5 tonnes, suggesting that national production could hit 20 million tonnes.

Take investment opportunities in:

Large scale cultivation of maize by mechanisation;

Processing of maize into flour, and oil;

Processing animal food with maize.

In order to guide you in the implementation of your business project, please contact us with more informartion.

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