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Best Business in Congo, Invest and Start a Business in Congo

It is business time in RD Congo!

Find out the the best businesses, Invest and start a business in Congo...

After more than four decades of destruction which left the country in a shambles, DR Congo is awakening…and all is under construction.

The return of political stability and security has contributed to the improvement of the business environment.

D R Congo is now ready for business. With its immense natural resources, DR Congo is a solvent country. You will get your returns on investment...

It is your ultimate choice to seize business opportunities that exist in various sectors with any amount of investment capital...

Click on a sector of your interest presented below and decide now on a business to start:

...Agriculture...Food Processing...Construction and Real Estate...Small Industry...Tourism and Hospitality...Internet and Computer Services...Trade ... Transport...Energy...Services...

Start a profitable business with the money you have:


Best Business Ideas in D.R. Congo

Agricultural Malls and Equipment Leasing Services

The need to intensify the agriculture and to increase agricultural productivity calls for mechanisation of agriculture and use of inputs.

This business is about the establishment of agricultural malls and equipment leasing services.

Agricultural malls are facilities where farming equipment and inputs are stored and made available for farmers to rent.

There is a significant market for equipment hiring and good returns on investment are guaranteed. Farming equipment and inputs required by local farmers include:

Tractors & accompanying implements;

- Fertiliser;

- Seeds;

- Herbicides;

- Insecticides;

- Veterinary products.

(In order to guide you in the implementation of your business project, please provide more information)

Construction Machinery Leasing Services

Construction Machinery Leasing Services: Asphalt Mixers, Bulldozers, Compactors, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Cranes, Excavators, Loaders, Concrete Saw, Concrete Truck, Concrete Vibrator, etc.

(In order to guide you in the implementation of your business project, please provide more information)

Cassava Processing

The industrial processing of cassava in the DR Congo holds much potential for successful investment.

Cassava can be processed into a number of products such as starch, flour, chips, ethanol and glucose syrup, to name a few.

These products are all in high demand locally and also have significant export possibilities.

Build your own cassava processing industry in the DR Congo.

You will engage in the growing and processing of cassava, or buy the crop from local farmers and only concentrate on processing activities.

Fruit Juice and Jam Factory

You have opportunities in the production of fruit juice in the DR Congo.

Fruits and vegetables that do especially well in the DR Congo include mango, orange, pineapple, banana, cashew nuts, tomato, etc.

Take business opportunities in building Fruit Juice and Jam Factories

Production of Livestock Feed

You have opportunities in the production of livestock feed.

Build your own livestock feed factory.

The raw materials for the factory include maize, soya beans, groundnuts and sugar cane – all of which are cultivated locally.

Invest now in Production of Livestock Feed...

(In order to guide you in the implementation of your business project, please provide more information)

Transport and Car Businesses

The car is the main mean of transport and the number of cars is increasing considerably and creating business opportunities like:

Car rentals, taxi, freight trucking, car wash, auto parts store, auto repair service, driving school, etc.

Start your transport business with used cars in excellent conditions at good prices imported from Asia or Europe.

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