School Feeding with Soya Bean

Children need good quality food not only to grow physically but as well mentally.

Poor food affects education and that is why quality food is necessary for quality education.

Unfortunately, feeding children has become a major challenge to good and quality education in boarding schools in Uganda and other Eastern Africa countries. Two key problems are met: high costs and poor quality of foods on the market.

This initiative of feeding children with soya foods aims to enable schools in improving children’s nutrition by supplementing school feeding with a variety of fresh micronutrient and protein-rich products made with soya products.

With the technical assistance of Africa Do Business Ltd, the schools will be enabled to process soya beans and make soya foods such as soya milk, soya meat (tofu) and soya-maize flour blends.

This approach will help to achieve the following results:

  • food needs of children are met in the immediate and long term;
  • health and nutrition status of children are improved;
  • children’s school performance is enhanced
  • food costs are reduced

Find out more information on how you can start school feeding with soya bean food products by clicking here.

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