Soya Bean to End Malnutrition in African countries

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Soya bean is a crop that can end malnutrition if grown as staple crop and if soya food products are incorporated into local diets in Africa.

Now, in Europe and America, soya foods are widely consumed by people highly concerned by the quality of food they eat because soya foods have many heath and nutritious benefits.

In Africa, malnutrition is still very high and the diets are not well balanced in many households. Protein deficiency is a major cause of malnutrition, and soya beans, high in protein content, is a solution to the problem of malnutrition, especially among children.

Soya school feeding

SEMA Solution intends to promote soya to become staple food in African countries. However, one of the major challenges in introducing soya is to make it culturally acceptable. For that purpose soya foods will be enhanced to look and taste like local foods.

Not Food Aid but a Business Model is adopted to introduce soya foods to end malnutrition in Africa.

Below are the main business initiatives to undertake in order to produce, to add value, to promote consumption and ultimately to end malnutrition:

Soya bean plantation

Growing soya bean for your own consumption:

It is possible for each rural household with a piece of land to plant on at least ¼ acre and produce 100 kg of soya bean grains necessary for annually consumption of five people. The requirements are few: only 5kg of seeds, a 1/ 4 acre of land, the family members will provide manual labour for production and preparation of soya foods which use ordinary tools and materials available in the household. The total investment to allow a single household to produce the quantity of soya beans sufficient for annually consumption and be totally protected from malnutrition is about 20 USD per annum.

Soya bean grains

Soya bean production for Income Generation:

Soya bean production is an income generation activity. By investing less than 100 USD, a farmer can generate a profit of 100 USD on one acre of land annually. A farmer will need only 25 kg of seeds, one acre of land, some tools and manpower. You can generate more income with soya bean production than maize, cassava and bean production.

Soya milk making

Preparing and consuming soya foods at home:

At home incorporate soya food products into household’s diets. A family can prepare soya foods from home grown soya beans or bought at local market. A family of five will need 100 kg soya bean grains annually. A price of one kilo of soya bean grains is less than the equivalent of 1.00 USD. Two kilos of soya bean grains per week are sufficient to protect a family of five against malnutrition.

Soya milk making unit

Processing soya bean:

With less than 10,000 USD you can build and operate a small scale unit to produce soy food: soy milk, tofu, soy flour, etc. and generate at least 1,000 USD every month

Soya Tofu brochettes

Selling soya products:

You can soya buy and sell soya food products in a retail shop or open a soya restaurant in your city - you can invest less than 2,000 USD and make a monthly profits of 500 USD.

Eating soya foods and be healthy:

With less food expenses your will eat great foods and become healthier.

Soya milk nature

Examples of Soya Projects to End Hunger and Malnutrition:

  • Support famers for Soya production
  • Soya for Income generation
  • School feeding with soya foods
  • Nutrition Improvement with Soya food products
  • Soya restaurants

Africa Do Business Ltd can provide you technical assistance in designing soya projects to fit your specific situations and can supply you the following items:
  • Soya bean grains
  • Soya seeds
  • Soya milk makers

If you want to join SEMA Solution or if you need any technical assistance to undertake any action in Soya Business Model, please Contact Us by filling this form below:

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