Soy Milk for Africa

Soy Milk for Africa

What is Soy Milk

Soy Milk is now being accepted and becoming widely consumed in many African Countries. Why not starting your business of producing and selling soy milk, Soy Foods and Soya Recipes!

Soya milk is nutritionally close to cow’s milk. Soya is popular as a rich source of protein. Soy milk is promoted as healthy alternative to cow’s milk.

Soy milk is made by soaking soya beans, grinding them with water. The fluid which results after straining is called soy milk. You can make soy milk at home with basic kitchen tools or with a soy milk machine. Most of the soy milk available in the market is flavoured and fortified with extra calcium or vitamins. The most popular flavours are vanilla and chocolate.

Making your own Soy Milk

It is very easy to make soy milk at home. You soak, crush soy beans and filter the liquid, which is soy milk. You need about 125 g whole soya beans to make 1 liter of soy milk! For high quantity, you can invest in a small soy milk machine that cooks and grinds the soy beans and makes soy milk, fresh in your own home. There are different brands of soy milk machines on the market. You need these machines to make good quality soy milk and obtain a high yield.

Soy Milk Home Maker

Soy Milk Home Maker for Africa

It's very easy to make soy milk at home. You make soy milk on a daily basis with an automatic soy milk maker. With this small machine you can produce up to 20 liters of soy milk per day from only 3kg of soya beans!

(For more information on small soy milk machine makers, please contact us)

Start a Soya Processing Plant in Africa

Soy Milk Small Plant: VITAGOAT

Soy Milk making small plant for Africa

The VitaGoat is a food processing system for soyabeans and other products such as cereals, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

It enables local groups to increase food security, improve health and create micro-businesses and employment.

The key feature of the VitaGoat is that it can process all of these foods without the need for electricity; grinding is provided through “pedal power” while cooking energy is provided via an innovative and fuel-efficient steam boiler.

VitaGoat has the capacity of producing 200-300 liters per day.

Link to Manufacturer's website for more information on the VitaGoat.

Soy Milk Small Plant: SOYCOW

Soy Milk Small Plant fro Africa

The SoyCow is a food processing system for social projects or micro-enterprise development.

It is designed to provide daily output of soymilk in the range of 200 to 300 liters (50-80 US Gal) for one typical work shift.

This provides a critical daily serving of protein and other nutrition for up to 1,000 beneficiaries, or enough bulk milk to support a micro-enterprise with several workers.

SoyCows are particularly well suited for African countries with low labor costs. The operation of one unit can create employment for between 3-6 unskilled people while providing critical nutrition to hundreds.

Link to the Manufacturer's website for more information on SoyCow

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