Student, No Scholarship? The solution!

You are studying hard to finish your degree but you are faced with financial problems...

No scholarship, no family support, almost nothing...

Student life is getting harder but you can't afford to quit. You are determined to complete your degree and accomplish your dream.

The big question is : How to finance your studies?

One of the best solutions for you is to start a small business while studying...

There are many business opportunities that require a small investment, less than US$ 1,000, which could generate a monthly income that will be enough to pay your studies and have a good life as a student.

Of course you do not have this amount now. But try a fundraising from family members, friends or try to get a loan. People will be pleased to help you when they know that you will reimburse sooner or later.

The choice is yours, just go for it and start your business now...


Tutoring is one of the cheapest, easiest and profitable businesses to start, without capital and you can be in business today. As a student you can do tutoring, it is matter of time management and mastering some subjects.

The prospects for tutoring are good. The growing dissatisfaction in the quality of classroom education propels the growth of scholastic tutoring, both in subject areas and in preparing students for qualifying examinations. A tutor has an advantage of being able to offer individual attention. And he/she can particularize and customize what he/she teaches to the level and needs of each student. Many parents prefer such individual instruction because it allows their children to learn at their own pace without the pressure.

Mini Internet Café with a Call Center

With only one up to three computers, an internet connection and few accessories you can start your Mini Internet café with a Call Center using SKYPE or VOIP...

Computer Training

Use your computer skills to generate income. You can provide computer training to business people, public officials, etc. You need just a computer!

Building and Selling Websites

Building websites has become a profitable niche for many young people with computer skills. Building websites is not "rocket science", you can learn it easily online in a very short time, you just need to invest your time...

You will generate subtantial income by building websites for companies, organisations and individuals.

Downloading and Selling Books

Nowadays, you find many free e-books on any subject on internet. By downloading free e-books from specialised websites, you can make money by even selling them to other students....

You need a laptop, an internet connection and a printer.

Writing Business Plans

If you are in business school, writing business plans can be very easy. If not, you can learn it very easily online.

Writing business plans is a lucrative business, you can start doing it with a minimum investment.

You need only a Computer and a Business Plan Software. Get both items and soon you start writing business plans for success!

Photocopying, Printing and Binding Documents

Students and other people in cities need services in Photocopying, Printing and Binding of documents.

With a minimum of equipment like a photocopy machine, a computer, a printer and a binder, you can start a small business center that will generate sufficient monthly income for you.

Translation and Traduction

You are a student in languages or have talent in languages. It is time for you to use your skills to generate income your need...

You only need to invest your time....and generate money. You know it, Time is Money, so turn your time into money!

Video Making and Photography

We are in times of multimedia and more often people want to keep records and save pictures of all important events in their lives: weddings, birthdays, graduations, parties, etc. So, why not starting a business of video making and photography amd make money you need.

If you have talent and enjoy filming and taking photos, just do it and make money at the same time!

You will require a video camera, a digital photo camera and a computer for editing, mixing and production...

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