Africa Trade: Invest in Africa and Start a Business in Africa

With a small investment, you can start a small business in trade...

Invest less than 100US$ in petty trade

Second Hand Clothing Selling

Clothes Repair

Fuel/Firewood Selling

Newspapers Selling

Foodstuff Selling: Cassava Flour, Rice, Palm oil sales, etc

Fish selling

Soft Drinks Selling

Invest between 100 US$ and 1,000 US$

Coffee Shop


Butcher Shop

Grocery Store

Mobile Phones Selling

Mobile Phone Accessories Selling

Charcoal Selling

Music Disc & Tapes Selling

Cosmetic Products Selling

Shoe Selling

Soft Drinks Selling

General Stores

Village Shop/ Petty Trading – food products (Agricultural produces, sugar, salt, soap, rice, beans, etc)

Jewelry Sales

Small shop for Domestic commodities

Invest between 1,000 US$ and 10,000 US$


Pizza Parlor



In order to guide you in the implementation of your business project, please contact us with more information.

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