Africa Transport: Invest in Africa and Start a Business in Transport

African countries face huge problems of transport not only because of bad roads but as well by limited means of transport.This situation presents to you business opportunities in the transport sector.

A real problem!

Transport of people and goods in Africa

Effective Solutions!

Transport in Africa

This tricylcle can transport up to 500 kg of goods, especially agroculture produces from farms to market.

Max. Load: 500kg

Engine Type: 150cc or 200cc. Single cylinder, Four stroke, Air-cooled

Max. Speed: 75km/h

The price is from 2,000 USD

Bicycle Taxi

Bicycle taxi in Africa

With less than US$100, you can help a young man to have a job and earn income...This too, is a business!

Moto Taxi

Moto taxi in Africa

With less than US$1,000, you can start or help someone else to start a business of Moto Taxi. Moto taxi is becoming a popular way of people's transport in many African countries, especially where there is no good roads!

City Car Taxi VIP

Car Taxi  in Africa

Many businesspeople and other VIPs now prefer renting cars when travelling or moving around in African cities. This new habit has provided business opportunities for car taxi operators.

Start a business in car taxi and make profits. You need to invest an amount starting from US$5,000.

Minibus Taxi

Minibus Taxi

Minibus taxi is the most popular way of people's transport in Eastern and Southern African countries. By investing and doing business in minibus taxi, you make good money!

Transport Minibus Toyota Hiace

Trucking Goods

Transport of goods in Africa

Trucking goods is profitable business in many African countries. You can invest an amount starting from US$10,000.

Transport of people

Transport Bus in Africa

Public transport in many African cities is a big problem, especially because of not having enough or effective public transport services.

Investing in collective transport business is very profitable... By buying one bus or a fleet of buses, you can start a long term and profitable business. You can invest an amount starting from US$20,000.

Transport of goods

used trucks for goods in Africa used heavy duty trucks for Africa

There are business opportunities in transport of goods and materials in many African countries. Invest in transport sector by purchasing trucks for hire and you make profits...

Buy Quality Used Cars Online:

Used Cars for Africa

Motor Cycle, Saloon, 4WD, Wagon, Van, Minibus, Bus, Truck, etc.

Click here, find out and buy used cars as good as new!

In order to guide you in the implementation of your business project, please contact us with more information.

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