Tourism and Hospitality in Uganda

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Uganda is blessed with some of the most spectacular scenic wonders of the world. Its geographical diversity and wide range of flora and fauna make it a unique tourist destination. Tourism has recorded steady growth over the last eight years. Unique tourism attraction lies in game parks, mountain climbing and water sports like white water rafting. Uganda is famous for its mountain gorillas, which represent about half of the world’s remaining gorilla population.

Investment opportunities

Hotels: In the 3-5 star hotel category, there is an almost 50% bed capacity deficit. Given the present and anticipated hotel bed capacity demand growth, a supply response is necessary to harness this market. Average annual occupancy levels at the leading hotels are over 60% per annum and are expected to rise even more with the increasing numbers of tourist arrivals.

Serviced Apartments: There are a limited number of serviced apartments within Kampala City and other cities that offer both daily and monthly accommodation at fairly cheaper rates than traditional hotel accommodation facilities.

A rich specialized eco-tourism potential, making Uganda a good choice for tour operators targeting niche markets

Need for more high quality hotel facilities: The existing tourist facilities and services are not sufficient to meet the growing demand.

Other opportunities include organized cross border tours, cruises on the Nile River and cabin ferry services on Lake Victoria.

Establishment of hospitality industry schools.

National park concessions are available from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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